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Maintenance of central heating systems and their replacement are our main areas of expertise. We do not just install equipment, but also constantly monitor its condition. By concluding a contract for the maintenance of heating systems, you receive a full range of measures to prevent emergencies and make the living conditions in your premises as comfortable as possible. By contacting our experts in central heating servicing, you can rest assured of high-quality work performance. KeyCity Plumbers are ready to assist you day and night. Our central heating prices are some of the most competitive in London. The manager will be glad to provide you with the information regarding the cost of new central heating system for 3 bed house or apartment, the caverage cost of central heating installation and more. Central heating experts can be reached at 442030265147.


The company founded in 2012, has united in its ranks experienced specialists in the design of heating systems and competent managers. The use of modern technologies and understanding of the current market needs helped us to strengthen our position. Modern heating systems have a complex design consisting of numerous units and elements. They can work autonomously for a long time, providing consumers with the necessary heat and hot water. However, like any complex system, central heating requires periodic maintenance and repair, which allows full compliance with normal operation and prevention of failures and malfunctions. Timely repair and maintenance of heating equipment and automation significantly reduce the risk of accidents and cost of gas central heating.


Proper operation of central heating is a prerequisite for comfortable living of people, especially in the northern regions. Often, the private sectors are not connected to central heating networks, so the issue of heat supply must be addressed individually. Installation of the heating system can be carried out both for buildings under construction, and for existing ones, where it is necessary to replace outdated equipment. The key factor when choosing equipment is the availability of energy carriers, ease of maintenance and central heating installation costs. For example, central heating installation cost 3 bedroom house will be somewhat higher when compared with gas central heating installation cost 2 bed house. The location, area and heating requirements of the house also must be considered when designing the central heating system.

Air Systems

Such a system involves a direct supply of heated air into the room. Heat generators warm the air and, with the help of a fan, it is transferred into the premises. Some models connect to a ventilation duct system to distribute heat to rooms separated by partitions. The air system is convenient, easy to service and reliable. It is ideal for warehouses, garages, hangars, car washes, as well as for large single rooms.

Water Systems

In such systems, the heat carrier is water or a special liquid. The main elements are a boiler, a burner, pumps, an expansion tank, etc. With a water system, you can easily get hot water and heat almost any area, the power is almost unlimited. The servicing of a water system takes longer, includes more elements and cost of central heating tends to be higher.


Central heating systems can be categorized based on the type of fuel used:

  • Solid fuel – the oldest systems that run on coal and wood material. The disadvantage of such units is the lack of autonomy and the high cost of fuel. Can be used as an additional heat source;
  • Liquid fuel – on waste oil, diesel or fuel oil. The systems are completely autonomous and have high efficiency. Suitable for houses with a large area. The relatively low price of fuel allows the equipment to pay off quickly;
  • Gas – they are inexpensive, but need to be connected to central highways. Require compliance with the safety requirements;
  • Electric – completely dependent on the sources of electricity. Suitable for heating premises intended for seasonal use;
  • Combined – can operate on several types of fuel.

Depending on the heat transfer medium:

  • Air – heat is distributed throughout the room using air ducts;
  • Electric – equipped with infrared emitters and convectors;
  • Water – liquid heat carrier is the most affordable and allows you to solve many problems for warming a house. It has many variations of connection schemes, can be used for both central heating and hot water supply.


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Gas central heating installation costs depend on the complexity of the work and the characteristics of the components.


We work hard to meet the demands of our customers and offer nothing less than excellent service. Our goal is to provide each customer with the most optimal and reliable solution to a plumbing problem.

Service Guarantee.

The work performed on installing central heating is guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years.

Equipment Guarantee.

All our products are supplied with the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 1 year.


How quickly can the heating specialist arrive at my place?

In most cases, we arrive at the customer’s place in 20 minutes or less from the moment of the call.

How much time does it take to complete the work?

The work completion time varies depending on the complexity of work and availability of equipment.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, they are. For your peace of mind, the work performed is guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years. Also, our products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are your service hours?

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year.

What is the electric central heating installation cost uk?

The cost of fitting central heating varies depending on the urgency of a call, time of day, the complexity of work and required consumables. New central heating cost is determined by the engineer after on-site diagnostics.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer.

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