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The kitchen sink, like faucets, are some of the most commonly used plumbing items. Sometimes, it is not only the installation of a sink that causes difficulties but also its choice, because there are thousands of options on the market. Before you install new plumbing in your kitchen, it may be necessary to dismantle old sinks. A professional approach will allow you to save time as much as possible and complete any work without harming the already created interior. Installing a kitchen sink is often accompanied by additional plumbing work, as many homeowners prefer to install a functional cabinet under the structure. Such an option requires careful modification of the furniture to fit the existing sink water and drain pipes.

Installing a kitchen sink has its own characteristics. A new sink can improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. The current trend is the installation of a ceramic rather than a metal sink. Of course, the handling of ceramic products must be extremely careful. Also, the installation of sinks usually requires adjusting the cabinet under them or cutting into the countertop. After such works, it is necessary to carry out high-quality processing of the countertop or other wooden joints with special means as the furniture must be kept safe from the effects of water.

Installation and replacement of a sink must be completed by checking all connections for possible leaks. Of course, the installation of a kitchen sink will not be complete without installing faucets. Our company will provide a full range of services for replacing your kitchen sink. Choosing and correctly installing a sink is an important decision for any home. A properly installed sink will work flawlessly for a long time. In case of difficulty with the choice, our kitchen counter and sink replacement specialists can provide professional advice on the type of sink that is optimal for the project of any room.


Most sink manufacturers provide their customers with an extensive list of models and, as a rule, they all differ in terms of installation method, individual configuration, special functionality, and so on. Nevertheless, making a precise choice in one way or another guarantees the comfort of residents in the long term. The sink replacement requires some experience with construction and plumbing work. Call a qualified plumber to install kitchen sink at a reasonable price. Before the direct installation of plumbing products, we focus on checking the strength of the fastening of the sink, connecting wall cabinets and mirrors, as well as careful sealing. Stages of work:

  • Initially, our specialists must inspect the appropriate place where the sink will be installed later, properly measure the room. Then they can help the customer with a selection of the required plumbing, suitable accessories and all additional consumables;
  • When everything needed for installation is purchased, specialists put the appropriate markings attaching brackets and other fastening elements;
  • After measurements, the sink is fitted followed by the installation of a siphon;
  • The assembled kitchen sink elements are connected to the water supply and sewerage system;
  • The mixer is connected;
  • The last stage is the sealing of the joints.

In the case when the customer wants to fit a kitchen sink and wall cabinet, the installation sequence changes accordingly. First, the cabinet is assembled and only after that the sink is installed. At the same time, the price of installing the sink will not change. In addition, all communications are neatly hidden in the cabinet itself. Wall-mounted cabinets must be fixed as soon as the mixer is connected.



The sink installation price is directly influenced by the type of sink, its individual characteristics and the method of fastening, its complexity. It is not advisable to try to replace kitchen sink and faucet on your own without the necessary tools and experience. A specialist from our 24 hour plumbing service will carry out the work on replacing your kitchen sink following the established industry standards taking into account the features of the kitchen area and your wishes, provide professional advice on your diy kitchen sink replacement project. Highly qualified plumbers of our company do the proper work on the installation of a stainless sink, followed by its connection, in accordance with high-quality standards. The qualifications of our employees are confirmed by all the necessary documents. We have at our disposal professional equipment, which additionally guarantees the quality of our plumbing services.


Our kitchen sink services are available around the clock, 365 days a year. We have plumbers staged across London and surrounding areas. You can count on our swift response regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. A professional plumber will arrive at the appointed time with the necessary tools and consumables. We strive to deliver nothing less than excellent service in each case as your satisfaction is paramount for the success of our plumbing company. In case of an emergency, our plumber will eliminate the leak or blockage in a matter of minutes and cope with any plumbing task in the kitchen. For all work on installing the sink, you receive a guarantee with a maximum period of up to 2 years. Our service prices are among the most competitive in London.

We have been providing plumbing services in London and surrounding areas for over a decade. During the years in business, we have assembled a team of experienced plumbers, so you can count on high-quality work performance when choosing us for installing your sink. We are always ready to fulfil our warranty obligations. Contact us for a free consultation before buying a new kitchen sink; we will recommend you proven and durable products. We perform all types of plumbing work, as we have professional education and tremendous experience dealing with various systems.


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The work on sink replacement is guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years.

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All our products are supplied with the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 1 year.


How quickly can the plumber arrive at my place?

We’ll arrive in 20 minutes or less from the moment of the call.

How long does it take to complete kitchen counter and sink replacement?

The completion time varies depending on the complexity of work and availability of equipment.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, they are. In case of an issue, we’ll carry out the work again, free of charge.

What are your service hours?

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year.

Do plumbers install sinks?

Yes, they do. Any work related to sinks replacement, installation and repair is within the competence of qualified plumbers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer.

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