Sewer Cleaning


We have been developing and improving our business since 2012. Over the years, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable service provider. Narrow specialization in the cleaning of sewerage and drainage systems has allowed us to achieve a high level of quality. London Plumbers use the latest equipment and technologies for removing drain blockages. Professional training of specialists makes it possible to solve problems of any complexity.

We carry out emergency cleaning of sewer systems in private houses, apartments, restaurants, industrial plants, etc. Arrival at the place of call in 20 minutes or less. Payment for services upon elimination of the blockage. Orders are processed around the clock, 7 days a week. All work is performed by qualified specialists. We strictly adhere to the requirements of safety standards and other applicable regulations. Our equipment includes:

  • Professional-grade machines for servicing urban communications, large industrial and agricultural facilities;
  • Medium power equipment for hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes;
  • Devices for examination and video diagnostics;
  • Portable, high-pressure pumps.

Any system, unfortunately, tends to get clogged with debris over time. Options to carry out repairs yourself exist and are realistic, however, they are not always possible. After all, it so happens that the blockage has already formed in the discharge port or riser. Cleaning services specialist has all the necessary means for carrying out work in the shortest time possible with guaranteed results. The quality of our work is evidenced by numerous reviews from local customers whom we had the privilege to assist. We offer cleaning solutions to organizations and individuals.


  • Operational blockage occurs as a result of the fat deposition on the walls of the pipes. Further, various particles begin to adhere to a layer of fat.
  • Mechanical blockage occurs due to improper use of engineering systems. The blockage is usually easy to remove with chemicals that corrode accumulated debris.
  • Obstruction in the siphon. A siphon is a device that works as a kind of barrier that protects against odours from the drain system. Hot water and detergent are usually enough to clean the siphon.
  • Technological blockage is the result of an engineering error in the design of the system, which requires special equipment to correct.


  • TELEINSPECTION OF PIPES. The modern method of communications inspection allows an independent examination of hard-to-reach areas using specialised equipment. Teleinspection of pipelines significantly facilitates, simplifies and improves the quality of maintenance of engineering systems.
  • SEWERAGE BLOCKAGES REMOVAL. A blockage in the sewerage system is a common reason for contacting our team. Fats and foreign objects in pipes disrupt normal drainage, cause sewage stagnation, and the appearance of an unpleasant odour. The sewerage obstruction is an emergency that requires prompt resolution.
  • HYDRODYNAMIC CLEANING. The technology is used for internal and external networks. Currently, it is one of the most modern and effective ways of eliminating sewerage blockages, which allows to completely wash off hard and soft deposits from the inner surface of pipes.
  • SEWERS FLUSHING. Hydrodynamic sewage flushing is used in private homes, commercial facilities and manufacturing plants. The procedure effectively restores the pipeline capacity and eliminates blockages. Preventive treatment stops the formation of mineral and organic deposits on the inner walls of pipelines, increases the reliability of components, and reduces the cost of eliminating errors in the operation of equipment.
  • SEWERS SERVICING. We are experts in servicing sewage systems in apartment buildings, cottages, restaurants, offices and more. An experienced engineer can restore the throughput of internal and external networks, eliminate blockages, perform preventive maintenance of communications. The quality is guaranteed regardless of the work’s complexity and volume.
Sewer cleaning
Sewer drain cleaning


Call us any time for servicing of drain systems in commercial and residential properties. We can carry out preventive maintenance, which will ensure the trouble-free functioning of the system and reduce the cost of drain cleaning in the future. Maintenance usually involves flushing of a pipe network using a hydrodynamic method, followed by video diagnostics. The company’s employees carry out diagnostics and select the best method for dealing with blockages that is suitable in a particular case before proceeding with the drain cleaning. Emergency engineers are ready to assist you at any time of the day and night. Our manager will give detailed advice on how to remove the blockage, or what measures to take while the specialist is on his way to your place.


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Customer contacts our company

You can reach us either by phone at 442030265147or by submitting an online application form.

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Dispatcher processes your order

You’ll be asked clarifying questions to facilitate the work. Please provide a valid contact number and address in London.

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Plumber arrives at the place of call

Our arrival time in emergencies averages 20 minutes. In case you schedule an appointment, we’ll remind you of the meeting a couple of hours before our arrival.

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We get the job done

Based on the results of the drain inspection, the plumber determines the course of action for eliminating the problem and carries out the necessary work.


We’ve worked hard over the years to earn a good reputation and do everything possible to meet the requirements and wishes of each new customer. Turning to us for sewers cleaning, you can rest assured knowing that the work will be performed up to the best standards in the industry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are guaranteed for up to 3 years depending on the type of work. Should there be any issue, we’ll come back and do the job again, free of charge!

Cleanliness Guarantee

We won’t leave any mess behind for you to clean up. In case you are not satisfied with the way your place looks after the work is finished, we’ll hire professional cleaners to resolve the situation.


How to request your services?

Call our hotline at 442030265147 or leave a request on the website. The dispatch centre operator will clarify the details and route the closest available specialist to your place.

How do you remove drain blockages?

We eliminate blockages using hydrodynamic equipment and special chemicals. The appropriate removal method is chosen taking into account the location of communications and type of blockage.

What is the cost of services?

The cost directly depends on the method of elimination and the type of blockage.

What areas do you cover?

We cover London and surrounding areas within a 100-mile radius.

How quickly does the specialist arrive?

Our arrival time averages 20 minutes. Drainage works usually take no more than an hour to complete.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For drain cleaning, you can pay in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer.

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