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Nowadays, people are accustomed to living in comfortable conditions. Almost every residential and commercial property is equipped with a sewer line. As anything man-made, sewer systems tend to deteriorate over time, so owners should monitor the system’s state in order to avoid emergencies and costly repairs. It is necessary to carry out timely maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of all sewer components. In case the system has already failed, it is in your best interests to resolve the situation as soon as possible. London Plumbers can carry out repair of any complexity quickly and efficiently.


Our company provides 24-hour repair service for customers in London and surrounding areas. We deal with sewer systems in commercial, industrial and domestic properties. You can count on our expertise for top-notch work performance regardless of the system’s type. Whether the pipe network is plastic, fiberglass or cast iron, the restoration will be completed up to the best standards in the industry.

In case of emergency, we’ll arrive in 20 minutes or less no matter the weather conditions and time of the day. Specialists carry a complete set of tools and spare parts, ready to solve the problem in one visit. For your convenience, we can order and deliver equipment right to your door. We are in partnership with leading manufacturers and suppliers of sewerage line components, which allows us to offer our customers products at reduced prices. High qualifications allow us to guarantee a favourable resolution of emergencies.


One of our managers will be happy to answer any questions of concern, provide advice and give an estimate for the job. Consultation is free! For repairs, we use modern equipment, the latest technologies and professional-grade tools. At our disposal are hydrodynamic machines and electromechanical equipment for removing blockages, as well as equipment for video diagnostics, and sewer line heating.

Pipes often get clogged due to a build-up of organic and synthetic waste. Modern sewerage is a complex system that requires expert knowledge for carrying out repairs. While you might be able to eliminate minor drain issues with the help of a plunger and chemicals, major blockages in the main drain can only be removed using specialised equipment such as hydrodynamic machines. Therefore, it is better not to get carried away with experiments and contact specialists for professional cleaning service.


We will fix the sewer line system, regardless of the task’s complexity, both inside and outside the property. Our team will ensure the proper operation of all sewer components on the territory of your home or company. If necessary, specialists replace equipment and carry out preventive measures.


  • Our team consists of professionals with relevant education, rich work experience and high qualifications. We approach even the most challenging problems with confidence.
  • Customers are provided with a guarantee for any work performed, so in the event of a breakdown within a guaranteed period, we will eliminate the fault free of charge.
  • We use only professional-grade equipment, high-quality materials and spare parts.
  • Thanks to the fair pricing policy, everyone can afford to order our plumbing service.
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Let’s take a look at some common reasons for sewer breakdown:

  • If the sewer line has been in service for a long time, it is most likely that the equipment is worn out, so you need to carry out a line replacement.
  • Some owners misuse the sewer system, throw insoluble, large objects into the drain which causes blockages.
  • Problems can also arise due to mechanical damage that causes malfunctioning, in such cases, the sewer line must be repaired by a qualified plumber.
  • Sometimes, engineers make design mistakes by not considering important building parameters when drawing up a plan.
  • Errors in equipment installation and the use of poor quality materials can lead to sewage problems. Call plumbers immediately in case of drain line damage, the appearance of unpleasant odours and pipe leaks.


You can take some measures on your own, but doing so does not guarantee success. Amateurs can rarely determine the cause of a sewer line breakdown. For the best results, it is advisable to entrust the plumbing work in your home or business premises to a qualified specialist. We can save you time, money, and most importantly, spare you a headache. Before the arrival of a plumber, you can partially correct the situation, as follows:

  • Remove blockages with a plunger or chemicals.
  • In case of a blockage problem with the sink, it is worth checking the siphon and removing waste accumulations from the bottom by unscrewing the valve and cleaning the sewer line with a snake. After that, change the seal, screw the pipe tightly and make sure that it does not leak. You can also clean the toilet in the same way.
  • If the problem is leaks, look for traces of water and place a bucket or any other container underneath a leaky pipe. You can stop the leak with sealant, cold welding or aluminium tape.


Even if you manage to fix the sewer line, the problem can reappear in near future. You should at least consult with experts, or better – order professional sewer line repair service. Professionals use various methods for solving the problem, and the choice depends on the cause of a breakdown.


In theory, the design of sewer systems should prevent blockages. But they still occur due to:

  • violations in pipe slopes;
  • ingress of large insoluble objects;
  • failures in hydraulic mode;
  • long service life without preventive cleaning.

The diameter of the cleaning hose must match the cross-section of the pipe. The hose is inserted 50-70 cm into the pipe. Plumbers introduce a water stream into the main pipeline under high pressure, up to two hundred atmospheres, to get rid of build-ups and impurities. The internal household network requires no more than 20 liters of water for hydrodynamic cleaning, and the external one – up to 30. Industrial systems require massive amounts of water.


Most often, leaks occur at sewer line connections. The use of the system is not possible during repair work. First, the connection points are dried with a rag and cleaned of cement, then linen coils are laid. After that, a polymer-cement mortar consisting of water and glue is applied to seal the leaks. The sewer system can be used for its intended purpose after the sealed area has dried.


Sewer line pipes wear out over time. To replace them, it is necessary to:

  • Turn off the water and disconnect the hose connecting the toilet flush with an adjustable wrench.
  • Unscrew the toilet from the floor.
  • Disassemble the old sewer. Cast-iron pipes found in older constructions can be broken with a hammer due to the fragility of the material. Pipes attached to the splitter on the riser should be removed carefully; it is better to cut them using a grinder, stepping back 8 centimeters from the socket.


Small sewer line cracks can be eliminated by soldering. Large holes require equipment for propylene welding. The breakdown site must be dry and clean. The space is filled with propylene rods and soldered with a hot apparatus for approximately 10-15 seconds.


In case of sewer line problems on the outer network, we use the technology of trenchless repairs. The procedure involves either replacing the damaged pipe or placing a new pipe of a smaller diameter into the old pipe. Work takes certain knowledge and practical skills, so it is advisable to contact specialised services to complete the task.


Many people try to fix the sewer line on their own in hopes to save money. But amateur intervention can worsen the problem. The necessary equipment is not readily available to everyone, and it makes little sense to spend money on something you’ll rarely use. It is wiser to contact London Plumbers for the sewer fix at the first signs of a problem. We’ll carry out sewer line repair in accordance with the established industry standards. Call or message us any time. It is our privilege to assist customers in challenging situations.




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The cost depends on the complexity of the job.

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