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Plumbing, heating and sewerage systems in a commercial or residential property can bring a lot of problems to owners due to the appearance of water leaks. Their occurrence can be due to a number of reasons. Timely elimination of the drain leak will help to avoid serious problems. In case you require the assistance of professionals in sewer lining repairs, you can trust the employees of the KeyCity company. The craftsmen have sufficient experience and will be able to eliminate any drain leaks in the shortest time possible.

A qualified expert will promptly arrive at the address specified by you, and carry out work on relining sewer pipe up to the best standards in the industry. We can help you with a range of problems, such as a sink, mixer, bathtub, pipe or battery leaks in your house or apartment premises, at the most competitive prices in London. Contact us before a minor plumbing breakdown becomes a serious accident leading to an emergency. The specialist will carry out pipe repair in one of the following ways:

  1. A clamp, emergency sealants and cement are used in order to eliminate the leak temporarily;
  2. Complete elimination of the leak consists in replacing the failed section of the water supply, sewerage or heating pipe. For this, we use hot and cold variants of welding and soldering of damaged plastic pipes;
  3. Sometimes, the tightening of couplings or replacing gaskets that have worn out is effective enough to repair batteries, faucets and other plumbing components.


Leakage of a mixer, faucet, siphon, toilet bowl, sink in the bathroom or the kitchen is quite simple breakdowns, excluding the situations when the damaged section of the pipe is located inside the wall or ceiling. It is much more difficult to cope with leaks formed in hard-to-reach places; that’s when drain lining using high-quality, hard-wearing resins comes to the rescue. The qualified personnel of sewer pipe lining companies are ready to solve problems of any level of complexity, eliminating faults with a guarantee of quality. In emergency situations, the team will arrive within one hour after the application and fix the water leak using the drain lining method.

If we are talking about breakdowns of the main water distribution pipes or complex plumbing equipment, temporary measures will be taken initially. After the initial assessment, by agreement with the customer, the plumbers will return with all the materials that may be required and finally eliminate the leak. The employees of the company respond to a call promptly, performing the whole range of services in the field of drain lining. Even a small leak in the mixer or tap in the bathroom, as well as in the kitchen, can unexpectedly cause a fountain that will flood your apartment. Also, a leak can appear in heating pipes, radiators or a heated towel rail, and then you’ll have to deal with the consequences of boiling water, which is dangerous to health.


Currently, there are many options for drain pipes made of metal, plastic and metal-plastic. Despite the relatively short service life, steel pipes are widely used. Steel is susceptible to corrosion, and after 10-20 years of operation, steel pipes can leak. Such a problem occurs most often in the area of ​​welds and bends. Corrosion of the pipe walls forms subtle damages such as pores cracks. Violation of the integrity of the drain pipe can often only be seen when water begins to seep through the crack. It is not always possible to immediately replace a faulty pipe, so drain lining with epoxy resin and fibreglass can be used to restore the working capacity of plumbing equipment. It should be remembered that the drain lining procedure will require at least two days because the resin must be allowed to harden. During the indicated period, it is preferable not to use the drain pipe. If possible, it is also better to drain the pipe before starting work.


The work on sealing the leak in the pipe with epoxy resin begins with cleaning the damaged area. At the same time, dirt, paint and rust must be removed from the pipe surface. A metal brush is used to clean the pipe. After cleaning the pipe surface, the specialist proceeds to seal the damaged area. The fibreglass is cut in such a way that the resulting tapes are twice the width of the pipe diameter, and the length of the tapes is enough for 5-7 turns. If there is an opportunity to purchase glass tape, it is preferable to use it for repairs. In cases where neither fibreglass nor glass tape is at hand, welding is an option. We advise against using natural linen or cotton fabrics for sealing a leak. Synthetic fabrics and synthetic fibre blended fabrics are also not suitable for epoxy applications.



To form a fibreglass bandage that will close the leak, it is necessary to apply epoxy to the prepared fibreglass tape and then wrap it tightly around the pipe. Epoxy resin is applied to the fibreglass with a spatula and the material is applied with it. Alternatively, the resin can be applied to the surface and the glass fabric wrapped over the glue layer, but you need to make sure that it is well embedded; for this, it is rolled with a roller or tapped with a brush. On each subsequent layer, except for the last, the resin is applied from above. When wrapping, the fabric is stretched and carefully pressed to the surface; such a practice is necessary to prevent the formation of bubbles, which will negate drain lining efforts. A metal clamp is applied to the formed bandage, tightening it with bolts. Instead of a clamp, a wire can be applied to a braid bandage. In such a state, the drain lining is left until the epoxy hardens.


The drain lining is a relatively time-consuming process. It is recommended not to use the repaired drain pipe for at least 36 hours. During the indicated period, the resin will be able to harden if the air temperature does not drop below 20 °C, but if the temperature is lower, it is better to extend the hardening period to 2-3 days. After the drain lining has hardened, you can start using the drain pipe, but it is recommended to run water into the pipe with caution, smoothly turning the taps, checking if the drain lining withstands the water hammer. In the future, you’ll be able to use the repaired drain without any restrictions.


We are a well-organized team of experts in all matters related to the repair of plumbing equipment and drain lining services. Our staff includes highly qualified plumbers who are ready to offer a wide range of lining services both to individuals at home and to organizations located on the territory of London and surrounding areas. The drain services are provided around the clock. You can count on a swift response of an expert in drain pipe lining regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. We can be reached by phone at 442030265147. High-quality execution of work on drain lining is one of the main activities of our company. We provide optimal conditions and cost of installation, repair or replacement of plumbing in London. Our specialists easily cope with the installation and repair of any plumbing equipment.


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Customer requests drain pipe liner repair.

You can reach a local drain specialist by calling our dispatch centre in London at 442030265147 or by submitting an online callback form on this website. We recommend you use the first option in case immediate assistance is needed. Should you apply online, our customer service representative will get back to you in a matter of minutes.

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Dispatch centre operator processes the order for drain pipe liner repair.

Our operators in London are on standby around the clock to answer your call and send the closest drain specialist to the indicated address. During the call, please be ready to provide your place of residence and valid contact number. Details on the cause of a drain problem will facilitate the provision of services for pipe lining sewer repair. The operator will keep you informed of the specialist’s whereabouts and call you a few minutes before his arrival.

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The specialist of sewer pipe lining companies arrives at the place of call.

Our team of experienced plumbers is ready to respond quickly and drive out to your place immediately after receiving the call. You won’t have to wait hours worried about the damage to your London property due to a burst pipe and water leak. Quailed specialist has all the necessary means for providing professional service. Vast experience and skills allow us to approach the solution of the most difficult drain problems with confidence.

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The specialist proceeds to reline sewer pipe.

We bring a complete set of professional-grade tools, equipment and spare parts required for completing the work on lining clay sewer pipe in one visit. All consumables and materials can be purchased on your behalf and delivered. The plumber takes payment only after the provision of drain services. Rest assured we never impose unnecessary services or charge hidden fees. The customer can make a payment in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer.


The specialists of KeyCity company will be happy to assist you in restoring the working capacity of the sewerage system at any hour of day and night. All work will be completed in the shortest time possible with guaranteed quality. We have sufficient qualifications to carry out plumbing work of any complexity.

Craftsmanship Guarantee.

The work performed by the specialists of our company is guaranteed against faults for a period of up to 3 years. Within the warranty period, we will eliminate any problems related to the plumbing repairs free of charge. In the event of an unforeseen situation, such as the plumbing breakdown or failure, as a result of which there is damage to your property, we will fully compensate the expense. In case of any issue with the newly installed plumbing or repaired unit, we are ready to drive out to your place again and fulfil our warranty obligations.

Equipment Guarantee.

For many years of work, we have chosen brands that are as reliable as possible in operation, due to which the number of warranty cases has been reduced to a minimum. We cooperate with suppliers who give a guarantee for materials and provide certificates.


How quickly can the drain specialist arrive at my place?

In most cases, we arrive at the customer’s place in 20 minutes or less from the moment of the call.

How much time does it take to complete the work?

The completion time varies depending on the complexity of work and availability of equipment.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, they are. For your peace of mind, the work performed is guaranteed for a period of up to 3 years. Also, our products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We have equipped our teams with the best equipment that allows us to guarantee the quality of services.

What are your drain service hours?

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year. You can count on us whenever you need professional assistance.

What is the cost of relining sewer pipe?

The cost varies depending on the urgency of a call, time of day, the complexity of work and required consumables. The type of sewage system and the method of clearing the blockage, if present, will also affect the scope of work. The exact service cost is determined by the KeyCity plumber after on-site diagnostics.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer. We ask to make a payment only upon the completion of work.

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