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A gas boiler at the present stage is a powerful and reliable heating device. Every day, residents need hot water, a favourable temperature for a comfortable stay. To maintain a technically sound condition, the equipment undergoes annual maintenance. But heating equipment tends to wear out and fail for various reasons. What to do if the boiler does not turn on and does not heat the water? Call our boiler service and order a visit of the local plumber for diagnostics of possible malfunctions. Boiler service engineers will respond at a moment’s notice, come to your home and repair the boiler on the same day.

Boiler servicing, repair or maintenance carried out by a combi boiler service engineer with specialized education is a guarantee of best results. It is dangerous to attempt repairing a boiler on your own without proper qualifications and professional-grade tools. The certified engineers of the boiler service companies with 10 or more years of experience in the sector of boiler servicing will help to safely eliminate the most complex malfunction at affordable rates.


We provide a full boiler service London: flushing, cleaning of a heat exchanger in case of a power loss, parts replacement if the coolant heats up or does not pump, pumping the expansion tank if the burner does not start, high-quality piping insulation during a boiler installation stage, elimination of water and gas leaks, etc. Please remember, improper installation of a gas boiler increases the risk of gas leaks. If you break a working unit, break off a thread, or mess up a connection, the subsequent cost of boiler service will double. Book a boiler service with professionals at the first signs of a problem with your boiler. Removing the boiler for annual boiler service requires practical skills and experience.

Boiler service specialist carries out the measures aimed at restoring the correct functionality of boilers at the installation site. Feel free to contact us any time for a local gas boiler service of any complexity. The boiler service engineer will arrive at your place within 30 minutes from the moment of the call. Mobile boiler service units staged across the city allow for fast response to emergency calls. You can count on our boiler service regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. Orders for boiler service UK are processed around the clock. The dispatcher centre operator of our annual gas boiler service will ask you to describe the breakdown, provide the address in London and valid contact number.


  • The tightness of the exhaust outlet and / or chimney is compromised.
  • Reduced efficiency of fuel combustion due to carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and on the working surfaces of the burner. Please note that carbon build-up is a standard and normal situation.
  • Misalignment of boiler automation, leading to an increased or decreased content of gas and / or air in the supplied combustible mixture.

In the above-mentioned situations, carbon monoxide from boilers can enter the living quarters of your home. Moreover, in case of problems with efficient combustion of fuel, the volume of carbon monoxide emitted increases significantly. The consequences are disastrous. Carbon monoxide is extremely toxic. Concentration in the inhaled air of 0.1% or more can lead to death within an hour! Pure carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless. Our boiler service team is equipped with special analyzers capable of detecting even the smallest leakage of all critical substances such as CO, CO2, methane, propane-butane.


We recommend carrying out maintenance 2 times a year, before the start of the heating season and at the end. Such a practice is necessary due to the change in the operating mode of the heating equipment in winter and summer. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics of all units and switch the system to the appropriate mode. Boilers require regular servicing, in addition, this is a prerequisite for maintaining your warranty. Entrust the safety of your equipment to the specialists of my boiler service.


Certified engineers of gas boiler services carry out high-quality repairs of heating boilers of any complexity in the shortest time possible. Upon his arrival, the boiler service engineer diagnoses the boiler in order to identify the defect. All the job details are agreed upon with the customer prior to the provision of a boiler service. Today, we are one of the most reputable local gas boiler service assisting customers with their plumbing problems around the clock. We are skilful in servicing boilers from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Turning to our service, you can rest assured knowing that any work on boilers repair, maintenance or installation will be performed in accordance with the established industry standards and safety requirements. Our boiler service London company is responsible for the quality of the services provided and gives a 6-month guarantee for the complex of work performed. By choosing us, you get qualified assistants in the repair and maintenance of plumbing equipment, gain peace of mind and confidence for the safe operation of the engineering systems of your home or office.


The specialists of our local plumbing company are ready to provide you with high-quality service for design, installation, repair and maintenance of boilers, heating systems, water supply, sewerage, water treatment, pumping stations, solar panels, heat pumps, swimming pools, local treatment facilities. The professionalism of our annual boiler service near me team guarantees a well-thought-out algorithm for performing work to solve specific problems. We carry out boiler repair and maintenance with high quality and in a short time. Such a feat is possible thanks to many years of experience and high qualifications of the company’s boiler service specialists, the use of professional tools and equipment.

We carry out maintenance of boilers of all leading domestic and foreign manufacturers at reasonable prices; this is due to many years of work practice and the use of modern technologies. We strive to carry out any plumbing-related work up to the best standards in the industry, quickly and safely regardless of circumstances and the complexity of the breakdown. Our specialists will find an individual approach to any task set by the customer. The main principle of our service is the generation of unique ideas, followed by their implementation. Our main goal is to create comfort and safety for our clients. We will help you transform your ideas into real results.


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Customer contacts our boiler service.

Use any of the listed methods convenient for you to contact engineers of an annual boiler service near me - fill out the feedback form, call at 442030265147 the indicated, order a callback or contact via online chat on this website.

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Dispatch centre operator processes the order.

During the call, please be ready to provide your address in London and contact number. The nearest available specialist will be sent to your place immediately. Our arrival time averages 20 minutes.

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Boiler repairs specialist arrives at the place of call.

My boiler service expert starts the repair after agreeing with you about the cost of all the necessary work and the cost of parts. Professional diagnostics is the key to a successful repair. Our service engineers have all the necessary equipment to accurately determine the cause of a breakdown.

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Boiler service engineer carries out the necessary work.

The engineers of our annual boiler service near me will eliminate the issue quickly with the provision of guarantees. They have the appropriate education, permits, extensive experience in eliminating various malfunctions, professional tools and equipment. Most jobs are completed in one visit. You can pay in cash, with a credit card and by bank transfer.


All equipment supplied by our company is provided with a guarantee for a period of 2 years. Direct contracts with suppliers, our own warehouse of spare parts, qualified personnel, a service workshop and a fleet of vehicles allows us to promptly carry out warranty, post-warranty repairs and routine maintenance of equipment. We are always ready to fulfil our obligations. Our local team of plumbing experts works 7 days a week. We provide services for the repair and routine maintenance of equipment.

Service Guarantee.

In case there is an issue with your newly installed or repaired boiler, the specialist will return and carry out the work again, free of charge. We value our reputation and strive to ensure the best customer experience. The quality of our services is evidenced by numerous reviews from customers in London whom we had the privilege to assist in solving their plumbing problems.

Equipment Guarantee.

The warranty period for all equipment is 2 years from the date of commissioning if no more than 6 months have passed since the date of purchase of the equipment. If the date of putting the equipment into operation cannot be determined, the warranty period starts from the date of sale.


What boiler types are there?

Boilers are categorized according to the type of installation, type of combustion chamber and the number of circuits. Safe use of indoor equipment is ensured through the annual boiler service.

Can I carry out boiler repairs myself according to the instructions (printed or video)?

Boiler service London experts advise against attempts to carry out any work with a malfunctioning equipment if you don’t have the necessary qualifications and tools. The need for annual gas boiler service is spelt out in the requirements from the manufacturer. You can find out more about the regulations from our managers at any time. Maintenance of a boiler and other equipment should be carried out by a boiler service engineer with specialized education and the necessary work experience, certified in accordance with industrial safety requirements.

What is the frequency (period) of boiler servicing?

Maintenance of a boiler should be performed once a year. Service intervals depend on the manufacturer's recommendations. A detailed answer on this topic can be obtained by calling us at 442030265147. Requirements for the list and scope of annual gas boiler service are regulated by the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Do you provide gas boiler services around the clock (in the evening or at night)? Are your boiler services near me available every day?

Yes, the specialists of boiler service companies are ready to assist you at any time of day and night. We are available 365 days a year.

What is the procedure for concluding a long-term gas boiler services contract?

Contact our annual boiler service company in any way convenient for you. The specialist of boiler service UK will come to the facility and conclude a contract with you after a visual inspection of the equipment.

Why should I choose you to service boiler over other boiler service companies?

After considering all of our proposals, you’ll have no doubts left about which boiler service to choose. If you have a contract / offer from other boiler service companies, we are ready to conduct a free analysis of the conditions offered to you and indicate the difference between our services.

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