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In apartment buildings, houses and offices, there are often problems with plumbing and sewerage systems. An overflowing toilet is a problem that should be solved immediately as there is a risk of damaging the property. A broken chain, loose ball, faulty float tube, misplaced rubber flapper, and tank leaks can cause trouble with flushing a bowl. It takes knowledge to remove a fill valve, water supply valve or flush valve, and as such, any toilet repair should be carried out by a professional plumber. Turning to the services of our company for repairing a toilet is a guarantee of high-quality work at affordable prices!

In the repair process, it may be necessary to remove, adjust, replace or install several hardware components in order to fix the toilet flush problem. Experienced plumbers will help you correct a fault in the operation of toilets as quickly and efficiently as possible! Can’t flush the toilet? – Call us any time. Our team has practical skills, a complete set of tools and fill valve parts for fixing problems that range from a broken tank handle (collapsed push button) to excessive pressure in the water supply system. Send us a photo of your project for a free consultation! Advantages of contacting our heating and plumbing service for toilet repairs include:

  • Performance of work in accordance with the established industry standards;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Fast response to emergency calls;
  • 24 hour availability;
  • Toilet tank repairs of any complexity;
  • Home and business solutions;
  • High-quality handle, flush valve, water supply valve, fill valve, flapper, pipe line, chain, float tube, bowl, tank, rod and ring parts;
  • Prices cover a trip to a store, search and delivery of parts;
  • Provision of guarantees;
  • Discounts for regular customers;
  • Professional advice on your DIY project;
  • Free test of a fill valve, flush valve, fill tube and toilet tank for leaks.


Prior to starting work, you should have a basic knowledge of how toilet flush works. The purpose of the tank is to keep water until the toilet is flushed. The water flows down from the tank through the hole in the bottom to empty the bowl, running the waste into the sewerage. Major reservoir components, flush and fill valves, must function flawlessly for trouble-free toilet flushing. The fill valve (aka. a ball mechanism) allows water filling to a certain level. The filling valve is found left of the reservoir and has 4 basic mechanism types:

Regardless of structure and building material, the purpose of valves is to automatically open the flapper while the water in the tank lowers during the flushing of a toilet. Depending on the principles of operation, ball and float cup valves alter positions with the water movement in the reservoir. The float type filling valve functions by reading the pressure in the reservoir.

Toilet repairs
Flush valve


Modern filling devices come in different shapes. Previous models are usually called ball valves; some may use the word in relation to any flapper, but actually, it describes the plunge and diaphragm types; they have a common design feature which is a mechanism that controls the valve through a floating arm. Although the mechanism is no longer used in newer toilets, it can still be encountered. The water flow adjustment is made moving a floating arm to the desired position to alter the level at which the mechanism stops the supply. It is important to adjust correctly in order to avoid a toilet overflow and damage to the bathroom floor. The adjusting procedure is the matter of setting the exact level at which the mechanism prevents further water flow. Such a mechanism is subject to many problems, so it is recommended to replace it with a floating cup filling device of a modern design.


The flush valve found inside a reservoir is the main component of a toilet. The device is connected to the lower part of the reservoir. A float mechanism retains water in the reservoir to the point a handle is triggered to remove the waste. While the handle is engaged, the flapper is lifted by a chain or lift cable, allowing for a flush. The flapper closes during the refill if the reservoir is empty. The device features overflow protection in the form of a tube. The role of the fill tube is to prevent the tank overflow during the refill step by draining excessive water into the toilet bowl. A refill tube at the top of the overflow tube allows the tank to fill with water until the water level is restored.


A constantly running toilet is among the most common problems that people encounter. The fix, however, is relatively easy. The problem occurs either because the flapper does not connect properly with the flush valve or because the water level in the tank is too high due to a faulty fill valve. In the second case, water leaks through the top of the overflow tube and sinks into the tank. Checking the water level is the first step in troubleshooting the problem. If the water level is not the cause of a running toilet, a plumber will proceed with the next step, which is to adjust or replace the flapper.


A loose handle repair usually involves one of the following:


While most toilet flush problems are associated with the tank, water seeping around the base onto the bathroom floor is also a reason to call a plumber for toilet repairs. Yes, a small amount of condensation is normal, but a puddle of water on the floor indicates a real problem. In most cases, the plumber will remove the toilet as it is a necessary step for replacing the ring, which creates a seal at the base of the toilet to the drain hole.


The following factors affect the cost of the services:

Our service prices are among the most competitive in the area. The exact cost is determined after an on-site assessment. The plumber proceeds with eliminating flushing problems only after all the details are agreed upon with the customer.


We provide round-the-clock service for toilet repair of any complexity in London and surrounding areas with the plumber call out. A qualified specialist will arrive at the indicated address within half an hour or less, carrying the necessary tools to replace a faulty toilet part and remove a clog from a sewer line. Flushing problems will be eliminated in one visit. Customers can pre-order spare parts by phone. Send us a photo of the equipment, and we’ll deliver the required parts from the store to your place. Toilet fix is a demanded service due to a vast number of consumers, which creates problems for the homeowners when they search for the nearest available specialist. Our mobile units cover London 24 hours a day, ready to assist you in a challenging situation. We care about our customers and execute orders as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, any equipment breaks down sooner or later; everything that works in contact with water has an increased rate of wear and more stringent maintenance requirements. A toilet repair can be preventive or emergency. It is preferable to solve toilet problems quickly, especially if you live in an apartment building since a flood in such a case can be an extremely unpleasant event. Preventative maintenance involves checking a flapper and drain line of the toilet bowl for leaks.


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Each member of our team is a true master of the craft capable of solving the most challenging problems in compliance with industry standards.

Workmanship Guarantee

Any work performed is backed by a 1-year guarantee, which can be extended for an additional fee.

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Our products comply with international quality standards and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

Our prices start at X pounds. The specialist determines the exact cost after an on-site assessment.

How long does it take to repair a toilet?

The time required to complete the task depends on the complexity of repairs.

Do you buy and deliver the necessary parts?

Yes, we deliver spare parts at reduced prices.

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty is valid for 3 years from the date of service provision.

How long have you been providing services in London?

Our company is serving local customers since 2012.

How quickly can you arrive?

Plumber’s arrival time in London averages 20 minutes.

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