Sink Repair


The sink is used by all the inhabitants of the house, regardless of age, state of health, etc. Therefore, sink breakdowns can cause trouble for the whole family. Problems can be of very different nature, from the simplest cosmetic to complex breakdowns of garbage disposal units. Therefore, the degree of complexity of the sink repair can be different. Our plumbers fix all types of sinks with the provision of guarantees. Each specialist has at least 7 years of experience and knows everything about the features of various plumbing works.

We provide quality services on the day of the customer’s request. The plumber carries a complete set of tools and parts for completing bathroom sink crack repair in one visit. We use only high-quality materials and consumables, so the repaired unit will last you for a long time. Thanks to the availability of modern equipment and tools, all the necessary work will be completed in the shortest time possible.


Over time, various defects may appear on the surface of the sink such as cracks, scratches, chips due to the gradual wear of the material and mechanical damage. The cost of sinks made of modern materials is quite high, so it makes no sense to buy a new sink due to minor damage. The specialists of our company will gladly come to the rescue in all matters related to the repair of modern plumbing equipment. We have been engaged in the sink broken repair since 2012. Our team has a wealth of knowledge, experience and practice, thanks to which repaired sinks are indistinguishable from new ones just bought in the store.

We specialize in the restoration of chipped, cracked and scratched sinks from modern materials: acrylic, marble, granite, etc. The area of ​​the restoration will not differ in colour from the rest of the sink’s surface. Acrylic sinks, as well as sinks made of artificial stone, require special knowledge and skills when removing chips and scratches. Damage can appear anywhere on the surface of the sink, especially in the places where the drain, faucet and other elements are attached. At home, without special equipment and consumables, it is impossible to restore a sink to a new state. Quite often, those who tried to carry out restoration work with improvised means turn to us for help. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the specialists of our company at the first signs of a problem with your plumbing equipment.

You can count on our professionalism for a high-quality restoration of modern plumbing equipment. Repairing a sink is a lot cheaper than buying a new one. We are so confident in the quality of our work that we provide our customers with a one-year warranty. We work directly with manufacturers and buy their materials without intermediaries. With us, you save at least 30% of the sink repair cost. The repair of sinks is carried out exclusively by specialized specialists who have completed training in centres for working with polymer materials. We use only time-tested, quality materials when repairing sinks. Feel free to call us any time you need high-quality plumbing service.


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Customer requests repair service.

You can request our services for repairing sinks in commercial and residential properties by calling 442030265147 or by submitting an online callback form on this website. Calls are accepted around the clock, so you can count on us whenever you need the assistance of professional plumbers.

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Dispatch centre operator processes the order.

During the application stage, please be ready to provide our dispatch centre operator with your address in London and a valid contact number. Any information on the cause and nature of a problem will facilitate the provision of services for sinks repair and installation.

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Repair specialist arrives at the place of call.

KeyCity Plumbers are ready to drive out to the site within five minutes after receiving the customer's call to provide professional assistance, innovative equipment and effective methods designed to eliminate any problems related to the functioning of sinks quickly and reliably. Our experience and relevant education allow us to approach the solution of the most challenging problems with confidence. The time required to complete repair depends on the severity and extent of the damage.

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Plumber carries out the necessary work.

We take payment only after the repair is completed, and you have checked the quality of the work performed. There are three ways to pay for the plumber's work: in cash, with a credit card and by bank transfer. Choose the option that is most convenient for you. We work honestly and are always open to customers. Our team never imposes unnecessary services. Also, you will not overpay for the materials used - we purchase them directly from trusted suppliers at favourable prices.


Installation or repair of plumbing fixtures in a bathroom, toilet or kitchen is a daunting task for the layman in the field. You need a deep understanding of plumbing systems and technologies. Call a professional who will help to reliably and efficiently solve your problems, for example, with the installation of a new acrylic or cast-iron bathtub, a multifunctional shower cabin, ceramic, glass or cast marble sink, a bathroom faucet or kitchen, toilet, electric or water-heated towel rail, etc. Our specialists provide all documents and a guarantee for the work performed. Save your time; call and entrust the installation, replacement or repair of equipment in the kitchen or bathroom to professionals.

Craftsmanship Guarantee.

The company's guarantees to customers are specified in the agreement, which is issued to you regardless of the scope of work performed. The warranty periods differ depending on the type of work and the materials used. In each case, you can check the warranty period directly with the KeyCity Plumber. We are always ready to fulfil our obligations. In case of any issue with the newly installed or repaired plumbing equipment, the specialist will return and resolve the situation free of charge.

Equipment Guarantee.

You get reliable and high-quality products with an official manufacturer’s guarantee when buying plumbing and bathroom products from KeyCity Plumbers. Plumbing and bathroom products come to us directly from manufacturers and major distributors. That is why we give our customers a 100% guarantee of the quality of all products: bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, faucets, accessories, furniture and other equipment. All plumbing products that we offer are original, certified and have a manufacturer's proprietary warranty.


What types of sinks does the market offer today?

As a rule, their choice is limited to three options. The first is a console model attached to the wall with brackets. True, this option, familiar to almost everyone from childhood, now takes on new, original forms. The second option - the so-called "tulip", a device on the leg that covers communications, is now widespread, although the third option has begun to replace it - a model built into a table or chest of drawers which is often sold complete with a mirror.

Why don’t the odours from the sewer line enter the premises?

Thanks to siphons. How does this device isolate our premises from unwanted odours? Such an effect is not achieved by the use of any special filter, but by the very water that we use when opening the tap. After the tap is closed and water completely drains into the sewer line, a small amount of liquid remains in the body or bend of the siphon and acts as an insulator against sewage fumes. Water must be poured out of the siphon if you have to disassemble it.

How to clean the sink siphon?

Unscrew the bottom cover and clean the inside of the siphon with a long wire or screwdriver. Before unscrewing the cover, it is recommended to place a bucket under the siphon so as not to stain the bathroom or kitchen floor. After cleaning, screw the cover back into place, making sure that the rubber O-ring does not fall out of the structure. Often, after cleaning, the siphon begins to leak exactly at the place where the thread connecting the siphon body and the cover is located. The fact is that the seals deform over time, therefore, after disassembling the siphon, you need to replace the old ring with a new one. It happens that replacing the ring does not help; in such a case, you can use a sealant, covering the joint between the siphon and the cover. If you don’t have sealant at hand, you can use plasticine.

How to clean drain pipes if the plunger does not work?

In such cases, a steel cable is usually used. But the cable is not always at hand. Therefore, you can use a hard rubber hose. One end of the hose is put on the water tap, the other is wrapped with a rag and inserted into the drain. Pressurized hot water through a hose will help flush out dirt and grease. If there is no suitable thick-walled hose, a thinner one will do. In this case, you will need a ring made of dense rubber (in the shape of a drain hole). The pressure of hot water coming from the tap will quickly clean the drain pipe. Remember to cover the top overflow hole with a wet rag when cleaning the drain. If water is dripping from under the sink, then something has happened to the rubber O-ring located between the sink’s surface and the outlet; it either stretched, cracked, or moved from its place due to the fact that the nut securing the outlet is loose.

What tools are needed to repair a tap?

Of the tools, you only need an adjustable wrench. To prevent sharp notches from damaging the chrome finish, wrap a piece of heavy cloth around the knot. If the upper part of the faucet cannot be unscrewed, then it is necessary to do the following: wrap the faucet with a cloth and pour hot water on top. Or it may be enough to screw the top of the tap a little tighter to separate both threads. To repair a leaky tap, it is necessary to change the gaskets between the unscrewed upper part of the valve and the fixed body. First of all, the water supply should be shut off. Close both valves on the pipes supplying cold and hot water to the apartment. The riser can be located in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. Stock up on time with a set of different gaskets and seals so that you can carry out the repair quickly. Remove the old gasket, insert a new one and, if necessary, secure with a nut.

How is the repair carried out?

Metal sinks are most often installed in kitchens. They are covered with a special enamel that protects the product from the effects of household chemicals, water, rust, mechanical damage. However, the enamel itself can crack or chip off. The coating is especially resistant to impacts. We use special enamel restoration kits to fix cracks in metal sinks. The surface is polished and smoothed. Ceramic products are usually installed in bathrooms. The surface on them is damaged less often than on metal models. On the other hand, there is a risk of chipping. To eliminate such defects, there are special putties and sealants. It is a little easier to fix cracks. In this case, the damage is covered with a special waterproof sealant of a suitable colour. If you need to fix a chip or crack on sinks made of artificial stone, then liquid acrylic is applied in a thick layer like enamel. In case you try to carry out repairs yourself, the result is not guaranteed. Most likely, you will have to redo or completely change the equipment. Therefore, it is better to turn to professional plumbers for assistance. By calling us, you will save both nerves and money. The company's specialists have extensive experience, they can easily cope with any damage to the sinks, and, if necessary, replace the damaged unit with a new one.

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