Drain Unblocking


Drain unblocking of any complexity is better to be performed by a qualified plumber. A blockage in the bathroom or a blockage in the kitchen is a rather common problem faced by the residents of a metropolis, especially such as London. Drain blockage removal specialist will quickly arrive at the address indicated by you and fix the problem with guarantees. The plumber will have all the necessary equipment with him to carry out unblocking. You can confidently entrust the cleaning of a drain elimination in a bathroom or kitchen to a specialist of our local plumbing service.


  • A clogged sink

One of the most common problems because we use the sink every day. Usually, a blockage is formed due to the accumulation of grease and various household waste, which gradually build up on the walls, reducing the capacity of the siphon. Incorrect assembly of the siphon and even poor-quality installation of sewer pipes also contributes to the blockage.

  • A clogged toilet

A blockage in the toilet can also occur due to poor-quality installation of the drainage system, or if there are cast-iron pipes in your house, on the walls of which waste that falls into the drain settles easily. However, modern pipes with a non-degradable smooth inner surface are not completely immune to blockages either. Other causes of pipe blockages can be improper pipe installation, which can cause stagnation of water in the pipes. At the place of stagnation, blockages are created that require cleaning. Cleaning the sewer in the apartment may be required if the common riser is clogged.

In all cases of blockages, when a thorough cleaning of the sewage system is required, you can contact our 24 hour service for help. We are your local “go-to” team of experts in the field of eliminating blockages in apartments, houses, restaurants, etc. We provide guarantees of up to 3 years for the work performed.

  • A clogged bathroom

Almost half of the calls from customers are related to blockages in the bathroom, blockages in the sink, blockages in the toilet bowl, as well as blockages in pipes and blockages in the sewage system. KeyCity Plumbers have all the necessary equipment to eliminate blockages in commercial and residential properties. We are ready to respond at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency. If you do not know how to deal with a drain blockage, be it a sewer, kitchen sink or bathroom, as well as other internal and external components of the plumbing system, immediately contact the unblocking professionals. You can count on a swift response of drain cleaning specialists at any hour of day and night. Call us immediately at the first signs of a problem with your plumbing system in a house or office. The call out of a drains specialist is free if the agreement is made on the provision of plumbing services upon his arrival. KeyCity Plumber determines the cost of the work on the spot and if everything suits the customer, he proceeds with solving the drain problem immediately.

Highly qualified employees of our company will arrive at the required address as soon as possible. They will perform the entire range of the required drains work in the best way possible. Turning to the services of a professional plumber for unblocking pipes you’ll save time and money.


We take on the removal of all types of blockages – from the simplest to the most difficult. We are ready to eliminate any blockage, even in wells and external sewer pipes. In their work, our specialists use only the safest and most effective methods and means, as well as colossal experience, combined with advanced technologies. KeyCity Plumbers perform the elimination of all types of blockages using the following methods:

  • Chemical elimination of sewage blockages.
  • Mechanical unblocking method, using a cable to clean the sewer.
  • Hydrodynamic cleaning of blockages in the system.


Any sewage system requires regular cleaning of the pipes. The specialists of our company will bring the plumbing system to a state that meets the necessary requirements. Various methods and special equipment are used to achieve the desired result. Our company offers affordable prices for sewer cleaning and high-quality work performance. The service life of the pipes depends on the qualifications of the plumbers performing the work on their installation and repair. Qualified specialists can handle drain cleaning tasks of any complexity.

A blockage in the sewer system is a serious problem, as it prevents the removal of waste through the system. Blockages can be divided according to the reasons for their occurrence. The operational blockage is manifested by the accumulation of organic deposits. In simple cases, chemical components are used to clean the drains. More complex blockages are removed with alkaline chemicals. Mechanical blockage occurs when foreign objects enter the sewer system. A plumbing cable is used to remove the clogs. Blockage can also occur in case of violations during the distribution of the sewage system. One of the common mistakes is the incorrectly selected diameter of the drain pipes. Blockages can form in pipe bends. Deposits often appear where there is a siphon with a water seal.


Unblocking drains is one of our areas of expertise. Drain unblocking is required if a leak occurs or a foul odour develops. Our company provides service for cleaning the drains 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can order sewer unblocking with us for your commercial or residential property in London. You should not flush the drain systems yourself. Professionals will clean the blockage quickly, efficiently and safely. Service includes processing in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and sink. Unblocking is carried out in various ways. Special equipment is used to clear the drains allowing the work to be carried out efficiently. Modern methods of clearing the system are also actively used. The cost of professional drains cleaning depends on the complexity of the work performed.

After a prolonged operation, it becomes necessary to clean the pipe. With the help of a qualified plumber, you can restore the trouble-free functioning of the plumbing system and prolong its service life. KeyCity Plumbers use special equipment that allows for the removal of blockages of varying complexity. A hydrodynamic machine is commonly used to clean the drain systems. Water enters the pipeline under pressure destroying deposits, from which a blockage is formed. The working pressure varies over a wide range. The method allows removing various deposits from the pipelines restoring the throughput within the system. The use of a hydrodynamic machine is relevant for flushing heating systems, water supply and industrial pipelines. Hydrodynamic cleaning helps to completely remove deposits from internal surfaces.


The cost of cleaning the sewage system on your own differs from the cost of professional blockages removal. Thus, individuals and many businesses attempt to save money on the prevention and breakdown of blockages. But the effectiveness of these manipulations is extremely low, and therefore such actions often lead to deeper accumulations of sludge and other deposits on the inner surfaces of pipes. Such a practice is fraught with emergencies when the drains get clogged. Regardless of the type of sewer system and the object of its maintenance, you need a systematic professional cleaning of the sewage system!

We provide specialized services for cleaning pipelines, sewerage networks, and eliminate blockages at a professional level. We have been working in London and surrounding areas for over 10 years, constantly developing the material and technical base, increasing the experience of employees and the quality of work performed. We are ready to provide assistance in various situations, from planned preventive measures to an urgent visit to the facility for the professional elimination of the blockage! The company serves various sewerage systems, storm drains, septic tanks, pipes, wells, and the main communication centres. Long-term practice allows us to deal with such problems efficiently and quickly, which is facilitated by modern inventory and equipment! The main goal of our company is to ensure high efficiency, reliability and safety of drains, as well as their correct functioning. Thanks to systematic preventive work, as well as specialized work for checking drains before and after repairs, it is possible to prevent malfunctions, damages, and emergencies.

Proper maintenance of drains with the use of modern technologies allows you to reduce financial costs and prevent emergencies, which can be caused by a clogged drain. Old drain lines are often clogged due to the formation of layers of sludge and a corrosion layer on the internal surfaces. Liquid household waste, soap and grease, various chemical and building compounds contribute to its accumulation, and standard debris from dust, hair and wool significantly increases these layers, forming a blockage. Over the years, solid deposits narrow the pipe diameter, which can lead to a complete blockage – an impenetrable blockage that restricts the flow. In such situations, problems arise with leaks, deformation and damage to drains, damage to system elements in hard-to-reach places, as well as the spill of a large amount of wastewater from sedimentation tanks and pipelines. Repair and restoration of the sewer system are much more expensive than conventional preventive maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended to perform inspection and cleaning 2 times a year!


Our experts offer services for cleaning the sewage system, as well as a systemic audit of the drainage network and its elements – sedimentation tanks, filters, wells, main units! The necessary work on removing the blockages is carried out using special equipment to be able to clean pipes with different diameters, regardless of the materials of production. The controlled process allows us to completely eliminate damage, avoid drain leakage and other problems. Drains are one of the most loaded systems in a private or multi-story building. Washing in the shower or bath, washing dishes, wet cleaning and flushing in the bathroom determine the total volume of pipes, which increases proportionally with an increase in the number of residents. Accordingly, the risks of clogging the drain system are also growing, where not only soapy or oily water gets into, but also garbage, animal hair and construction waste. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically pay attention to preventive work. The problem can be solved quickly by calling plumbers for preventive cleaning. But if the moment is missed, an around-the-clock call out of the emergency plumbers is also possible. Ignoring the rules for the correct operation of the plumbing system in a house or other premises can lead to flooding and, accordingly, serious financial costs for restoration work, flushing and subsequent diagnostics! Feel free to call us any time for taking care of a plumbing problem in your home or office premises.


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Customer requests unblocking service.

We can be reached any time by phone at 442030265147. Alternatively, you can submit an online callback form on this website. Orders for drain cleaning are accepted around the clock.

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Dispatch centre operator processes the order for drains cleaning.

Our dispatch centre operator will enter your application into the general database of the company. Tell the operator about the drain breakdown, provide a valid contact number and give your address so that our drain cleaning specialist knows where to go.

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Drain cleaning specialist arrives at the place of call.

Drain specialist will arrive at your place within 30 minutes from the moment of the call in case of an emergency or at any other time convenient for you. He will advise you free of charge and tell you the approximate cost of the drain repair. The exact services cost is determined after on-site diagnostics of a drain system in your property. If everything suits you, the KeyCity plumber proceeds with the provision of service.

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KeyCity Plumber carries out the necessary work.

Before starting drain repairs, the specialist inspects the drains for determining the exact cause of the breakdown. Your place will be kept clean and secure at all stages of unblocking work. The time required for removing the blockages depends on the extent of the problem, plumbing type and availability of spare parts. In most cases, the drain work is completed in one visit to the customer’s place.


Drain cleaning, removal of blockages is a service that implies a professional approach to business. In this case, it is guaranteed that the deposits in the pipes will be eliminated, sanitary standards are not violated, and the sewerage system will function normally. Unblocking is carried out by plumbers, who have the necessary cleaning tools at their disposal, as well as specialized hydrodynamic installations for flushing the sewers. We value our reputation and strive to ensure the best customer experience in each case. For your peace of mind, we offer the following:

Results Guarantee.

Removal of drain blockages is a service that can be required at various facilities; this applies to densely populated cities with developed infrastructure - where there is a constant demand for plumbing works. In this case, the drains will function smoothly and guarantee the reliable operation of your plumbing system.

Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our company offers services for the elimination of pipe blockages, which include emergency cleaning, repair of plumbing components and diagnostics. The KeyCity Plumber will select the best method for eliminating the pipe blockages after assessing the current state of the plumbing system. A qualified specialist will also give recommendations related to the operation of the plumbing system, which will subsequently minimize the likelihood of an accident. By turning to the assistance of KeyCity Plumbers you get a guarantee of a professional approach and comprehensive solution to the problems.


How to order drain cleaning?

In order to contact the 24-hour drain cleaning specialists near you, please call at 442030265147 or leave a request on this website. Our dispatch centre operator will clarify the job details and the desired time of arrival of the drains specialist. Services are provided around the clock regardless of the weather conditions.

What are the types of drain blockages?

Drain blockages are divided into two types: operational and technological. The first type is common and occurs during operation without the use of preventive measures. The second type is when blockages occur due to design errors. Our plumbers will remove both types of blockages and ensure the proper operation of your drain system.

How are drain blockages removed?

Drains are cleaned taking into account the place where the communications are located, and the type of blockage. A professional plumber will choose the most optimal blockage removal method regardless of the circumstances. Large drain blockages are eliminated using special tools, hydrodynamic equipment, and professional chemicals. Ideally, in order for the plumbing system to function properly for a long time, preventive procedures are required at least twice a year.

How much does the cleaning service cost?

There are several ways to eliminate the blockage such as chemical means, pneumatic equipment, hydrodynamics, a cable or an electromechanical machine for cleaning pipes. Prices for unblocking the pipes directly depend on the method of elimination and the type of blockage, means and equipment used for freeing the plumbing system from blockages and sediments. You can pay in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer. We conclude long-term contracts with companies for the maintenance of plumbing systems.

How quickly will the KeyCity Plumber arrive?

Call out of a local plumber seven days a week with a fast response time. Our arrival time throughout the City averages 20 minutes! We’ll clean the drain system in a short period of time with the provision of guarantees. Our team of professional plumbers covers London and surrounding areas on a 24/7 basis. Faced with a plumbing-related emergency, remember, qualified assistance is only a phone call away. Trust the experts on all matters related to pipes servicing and repairs, so that you have confidence in the performance of your plumbing system.

How do I clean the toilet and remove the blockage on my own?

Basic prevention of blockages and cleaning of the pipes is carried out using household chemical products, as well as a plunger.

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