Drain Сleaning and Repair


Drain repair usually involves the complete replacement of faulty system components. The reliability of the drain system in your home or office premises depends on its proper installation and timely repairs. Drain repair procedure requires the availability of professional-grade tools, relevant education, practical skills and experience. Our drain repair company offers round-the-clock services to customers in London and surrounding areas. KeyCity drain experts guarantee high-quality work performance and a fair pricing policy.


  • In cases where leaks appear at the joints of the pipe.

In such a situation, you should call our services immediately for a drain fix expert who will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the drain system and establish the cause of the drainage leaks. Most often, leaks appear under a bathtub or sink. A common cause is a poor connection of the siphon and drain boundaries with the pipe. The drain problem is rectified by checking the gasket and replacing it if necessary. Sometimes, drain cleaning repairs involve the use of a sealant to secure the drain pipes. If we are talking about a leak at the joints of cast iron drain pipes, the repair will be much more difficult. The drain leakage elimination method is selected depending on the type of connection. If a leak forms in plastic products, it is necessary to change the drain seal. Replacing the drain seal will solve the problem for a long time. As a preventive measure, emergency drain repairs experts recommend regular servicing. In case the defective drain component can’t be repaired, the drain repairs specialist will carry out its complete replacement.

  • There are significant cracks in the pipe.

It should be understood that after repair, a cracked pipe can serve only for a short period of time before its complete replacement. The pipe crack will constantly grow in size which can lead to an emergency. Drain repair near me experts recommend replacing the cracked pipe as soon as possible. If this is not possible, it must be glued. For cracks in polymer pipes, special sealants are often used, after which the affected area is wrapped with tape. Such a measure will eliminate the crack and unpleasant odour for a while. A special solution is used to eliminate cracks in cast iron products. Some drainage specialists use sealing tapes. The choice of a solution to a drainage problem is the task of a professional drain cleaning and repair plumber.

  • There is a blockage in the drain.

Often the problem of blockage appears in the siphon under the sinks, where small and large household waste can get stuck. Sometimes the problem is solved with a plunger. With the help of a tool, the debris can be washed out of the drainage pipes. If the procedure does not give a positive result, it is worth contacting specialised services for carrying out a drain repair.


Call us any time you need the assistance of professional plumbers for repairing the drain system in a commercial or residential property. Customers can count on our expertise for plumbing repairs of any complexity. If you are searching for drain repairs near me, then we are your local go-to team of experts in plumbing repair and installation. Experienced masters of our drain line repair near me service can arrive at your place in as little as 20 minutes and perform high-quality repairs at affordable rates. An emergency drain repair specialist will promptly eliminate a water leak or a blockage in the sewage system, protect you from unnecessary expenses and unforeseen damage to your property. You can call our sewer pipe repair near me service at any hour of day and night.


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Customer requests drain fix.

Feel free to call us any time at 442030265147 for sewage pipe repair near me service. If you choose to submit an online application, our manager will get back to you in a matter of a few minutes. Drain fix orders are accepted around the clock.

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Dispatch centre operator processes the order.

Please be ready to provide the dispatcher with your contact information and address in London. Details regarding the cause of a drain problem will facilitate the provision of services.

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Specialist of drain repair company arrives at the place of call.

Our mobile sewer drain repair near me units staged throughout the city on a round-the-clock duty are ready to drive out to the customer’s place at a moment’s notice. Rest assured drain repair specialist will get to you quickly.

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Drain fixer near me carries out the necessary work.

The specialist of the drain repair company brings all the tools necessary for solving the drainage problem in one visit. At your request, we’ll deliver spare parts and consumables to your doorsteps.


We work hard to meet the demands of our customers and offer nothing less than excellent service.

Services Guarantee.

The drain work performed is guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years.

Equipment Guarantee.

All our products are supplied with the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 1 year.


How quickly can the drain specialist arrive at my place?

In most cases, we arrive at the customer’s place in 20 minutes or less from the moment of the call. The drain fixer near me will contact you a few minutes before his arrival.

How much time do drain cleaning repairs take?

The repairs completion time varies depending on the severity of drainage breakdown and availability of the spare parts. On average, minor repairs take an hour to complete, while major projects can take up to 4 hours.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, they are. For your peace of mind, the drain fix is guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years. Also, our products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are your service hours?

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year.

What is the cost of fixing the drainage system?

The cost varies depending on the urgency of a call, time of day, the complexity of work and required consumables. The scope of work is determined by the drain cleaning and repair specialist after on-site diagnostics.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay for the drain cleaning and repairs in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer.

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