Radiator Installation



Our company offers round-the-clock services related to the installation, design and repair of radiator systems of varying complexity. Even if you need seemingly simple work concerning heating systems, it is best to turn to qualified specialists for the best results; only, in this case, you can count on fast and high-quality services. Turning to professionals is a guarantee that all work will be performed efficiently, quickly, in compliance with standards, as well as with the preparation of all the documents necessary for such cases. Often, residents of country houses and apartments face problems associated with the functioning of heating systems – pipes burst, there can be leaks at the joints of the radiators, the boiler may malfunction, etc. Of course, such problems can have a number of consequences. The neighbours from below will be flooded, your property will be damaged, your health may deteriorate, and the additional financial costs will obviously be an unpleasant experience.


The specialists of our company will carry out a high-quality, quick radiator installation in your commercial or residential property. We will eliminate any leaks, minor malfunctions, replace certain components in gas water heaters, boilers, heating systems, etc. When contacting our company, there is no doubt that our specialists will effectively eliminate all existing faults, regardless of the system’s complexity. In fact, the radiator needs to be serviced on annual basis; such practice ensures the highest level of system efficiency and trouble-free operation. By contacting our company, you can be absolutely sure of the high efficiency of the work of specialists, and, as a result, in the absence of problems with your heating system.


In order to guarantee the trouble-free functioning of the heating system, as well as its maximum efficiency, to minimize the likelihood of failures and malfunctions, it makes sense to contact only professionals who are well versed in heating repair and installation services. Each of the specialists of our company has relevant education and extensive experience which guarantees a truly high-quality service, regardless of the task at hand. Of course, you can rest assured that the company’s specialists have the right tool at their disposal to ensure high-quality work performance. Our advantages include the following:

  • We offer services related to the preliminary diagnosis of installation work;
  • We eliminate the consequences of accidents of any type;
  • Individual components of the heating system that have received damage can be replaced or repaired;
  • We provide services related to the replacement of heating components at the properties of all types;
  • All the necessary work related to testing the system will be provided before the commissioning;
  • We offer services for the maintenance of various radiator systems.

Thus, choosing our company for radiator repairs is a guarantee of uninterrupted, high-quality provision of services with minimal financial costs.



If you have started repairs in an apartment, it is worth replacing old heating radiators with new ones. You must follow certain rules when removing the existing radiator. With cast iron radiators, first, you need to remove the piping, further work requires the use of a chisel, hammer and other devices. After clearing the space, the specialist will carefully examine the condition of the pipes for supplying and collecting water. If everything is in order, we’ll proceed to install a heating radiator in the original place. The procedure is different if the radiator will be located in a new place; the specialist will need to carefully calculate the length of the pipes for supplying water. Please note that calculations should be made in such a way that the hot water supply is as simple and convenient as possible.


Keep in mind, in case you want to carry out the replacement yourself, the kit that you’ve purchased includes a special harness, the assembly of which requires practical skills and experience. Make every effort to strictly follow the instructions that come with the product. It is no secret that bimetallic heating radiators can be called the most popular among homeowners. It is quite understandable considering the reliability and price tag of such radiator models. As a rule, most standard apartments have a limited area, therefore, to save space, the fitting of a heating radiator is possible only if it is placed against the wall. If you’ve chosen this route, the engineer will cover up the cracks with either cement or foam. New radiators can be used a day after the replacement.


Any house, private or municipal, city or country, needs maintenance and periodic renovation. Plumbing services are always in demand; in a new house or apartment, there is a need to install plumbing fixtures, while old taps or toilet bowls often require renovation or replacement. Wherever you live, and whatever radiator service you require, our team will be happy to become your faithful partner. We guarantee a prompt response to a call regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. Mobile units staged across the city allow us to reduce the travel time and service costs. We understand that time is priceless, and the level of work speaks of professionalism; therefore, the main criteria of our service are efficiency and quality.


The specialists of our company are ready to provide you with the professional assistance in all matters related to radiator installation, repair and replacement. High-quality replacement of heating radiators in London and the surrounding areas is one of the main fields of our expertise. Our team carries out the fitting of heating radiators of any type in the shortest time possible with the provision of official guarantees. New heating radiators installed by professionals will have an aesthetic appearance and fit into the interior perfectly. There is an opportunity to choose the colour scheme and design of a heating radiator, which will be in harmony with the rest of the furnishings.


Do you need an urgent replacement of heating batteries in winter during the heating season? Do you need fitting of radiators with lower connections in series or replacement of heating radiators from the floor in your house or apartment? Have you decided to make redevelopment and need to turn the radiators and replace the convectors with steel radiators? Are you looking to install radiators from a gas boiler or replace them without welding? Our company has the most optimal solution for each case. The quality of our radiator services is evidenced by numerous reviews from local customers whom we had the privilege to assist.


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Customer contacts our company.

You can reach us by calling at 442030265147 or via an online callback form on this website. We recommend calling us for the fastest response. In the case of an online application, our customer service representative will get back to you in a matter of minutes.

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Operator processes the order.

Our dispatch centre operators are on standby 24 hours a day to accept your call and route the closest available radiator expert to the indicated address. You’ll be asked to provide your location in London and contact number during the call. Details on the features of radiators and thermostats will facilitate the provision of services. You’ll be kept informed of the specialist’s whereabouts and contacted a few minutes before his arrival.

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The specialist arrives at the place of call.

Our team of experienced engineers is ready to drive out to the site in London immediately after receiving the order. We have all the necessary means for providing radiator services up to the best standards in the industry. Quailed engineer will arrive quickly and provide professional service for installing radiators of any type and modification. Vast experience and skills allow us to approach the most challenging tasks with confidence.

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The radiators replacement.

The engineer arrives at the place of call with a full set of professional-grade tools, equipment and spare parts necessary for completing the work in one visit. The required consumables and materials can be purchased on your behalf and delivered to the doorstep for your convenience. The engineer takes payment only after the provision of services. Rest assured we never impose unnecessary services or charge hidden fees. The customer can make a payment in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer.


We work hard to meet the demands of our customers and offer nothing less than excellent service. Our goal is to provide each customer with the most optimal and reliable solution.

Craftsmanship Guarantee.

After the completion of the work, we issue a document to the customer, which describes in detail all the services provided and the materials used in the work. The act is stored electronically in our system so you can request a copy any time you need it. In case of any issue with the newly installed unit, we are ready to drive out to your place again and fulfil our warranty obligations.

Equipment Guarantee.

For many years of work, we have chosen brands that are as reliable as possible in operation, due to which the number of warranty cases has been reduced to a minimum. We cooperate with suppliers who give a guarantee for materials and provide certificates.


How quickly can the engineer arrive at my place?

Our arrival time at the place of call in London averages 20 minutes.

How much time does it take to complete the work?

The completion time varies depending on the complexity of work and availability of equipment.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, they are. For your peace of mind, the work performed is guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years. Also, our products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The quality of our services is evidenced by numerous reviews from local customers whom we had the privilege to assist.

What are your service hours?

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year. You can count on us whenever you need professional services.

How much does the installation cost?

The cost of installing radiators varies depending on the urgency of a call, time of day, the complexity of work and required consumables. The exact cost is determined by the engineer after on-site diagnostics.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay for the services provided in cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer

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